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Consumer products ceased to be simple devices a long time ago. Instead, they feature sophisticated menu navigations and ever more complex functions today. Increasing digital interconnection and innovative operating concepts constitute new challenges for producers – in particular with respect to a convincing user experience. And it is especially consumers who expect intuitive handling, excellent UI design and not least interaction options that are “simply” enjoyable.

Consumer using iPad / Tablet PC interacting with creative user interface

Usability context from A to Z

In no other industry usability contexts, environmental influences and related requirements on the user interface vary as much as they do in the consumer sector. Associated therewith, continuous advancements in mobile technology constantly open up new perspectives when it comes to innovative application scenarios. At the same time, high demands are placed on scalability and compatibility of various terminal devices.

Entertainment expected

For years, iPad, Wii and Smartphone have been shaping expectations towards interactive consumer products. As a result, consumers are no longer satisfied with incomprehensible menu navigation or willing to spend time studying extensive manuals.
Intuitive control and brilliant UX design are increasingly taken for granted — no matter if it is for mobile telephones, washing machines or automobiles.

Communication — Facebook & Twitter

Success stories like the ones of Facebook and Twitter leave no doubt about consumers’ strong need for communication. Apart from criteria such as effectiveness and efficiency, it is increasingly self-evident to comment on recent experiences or the latest TV shows at any time. This ever-increasing interconnectedness imposes high requirements on successful consumer products – in particular with respect to input methods, operability and scalability.

UI design as distinguishing feature

Consumers have the choice – while producers are always looking for new, sophisticated strategies to stand out against competitive products. In this digital era, in which hardware components barely offer any distinguishing potential, the user interface design is increasingly in the focus – as excellent UI designs stand out by their positive “fist time use” experience and everyday interactive fun.

Our services

As soon as the vision of a product comes into being, the UX design must be given due consideration as essential part of the consumer product. We account for all characteristic features of your application, analyse the special usage contexts and possible application scenarios and work out an intuitive operating concept that will delight your target group. Long-standing experience in designing sophisticated user interfaces for various industries make us a competent partner also for particularly complex projects.

We are happy to assist you with successfully combining:

  • Action-guiding product vision
  • Targeted implementation strategy
  • Intuitive, advanced and complexity-reducing interaction
  • Brilliant visual design (in terms of UX design, branding & marketing, icon design)