Service Capabilities

UX Toolbox

Interactive UX Toolbox as documentation of the ui design instead of a style guide

We are also pleased to assist you with creating web-based repositories that do not only facilitate efficient access to various aspects of the user-centred design for all involved parties but also act as platform for active exchange and the promotion of UX design topics.

Apart from comprehensive guidelines, it is in particular the provision of a “Solution Gallery” presenting many best practice examples that will increase the direct applicability and transferability of existing solutions. In addition to download options for UI design assets, templates or complete UI components, it is especially the Wiki technology that facilitates simplified cooperation and collaborative extension of knowledge.

As an alternative, the style guide might be made accessible to all involved employees in form of a Wiki. This ensures quick access to the contents as well as easy updates — thus you will benefit from developed concepts for a long time.

The UI designers of Ergosign succeeded in creating and precisely specifying a modern and highly usable interface, all this within the limits of strong technical constraints. ”

Klaus Bechtold, Reiner SCT