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Style Guide & Design Manual

With detailed documentations, we clear things up — summarizing all design-related decisions either in form of a design manual or as style guide provides an ideal base for your UI development. Our documentations are perfectly suited to serve as specific implementation instructions for UI developers, support your system’s consistency and facilitate its trouble-free enhancement.

Final documentation of a ui design using by a style guide / design manual

Design manual

In order to provide your UI developers with quick and easy access to all important information, we briefly outline all relevant decisions within the design manual. Besides detailed descriptions of layouts and guidelines, this document also contains all graphical designs. In addition to the design manual, central information might also be condensed into checklists or style posters.

We recommend combining the design manual with elaborated prototypes and individually tailored UX training. This enables quickly comprehending even dynamic elements of your user interface design and their detailed implementation by your developers. Above that, we will also gladly provide your staff with all relevant information in form of a Wiki in a UX toolbox.

Style guide

The style guide contains all information of the design manual such as design guidelines and UI philosophy. Moreover, the style guide is being complemented by general UI principles, recommendations and additional information on the subject of usability and UX design.

As a matter of course, the different grouping options are available here, too — we will be happy to assist you with selecting the appropriate combination.

Ergosign’s style guide will allow development of a mission-critical application that satisfies the demands of a time-sensitive business, while providing the users with a visually pleasant experience. ”

Oliver Barthel, DB Schenker