Service Capabilities

Reviews and Modelling

Expert reviews and model-based analyses provide us with valuable information on your product’s usability in a time- and cost-efficient way. Without the need to directly involve users, these methods facilitate informative insight on your system’s usability. We thus create an optimal decision-making basis that allows for deducing further measures.

Documentation of an Expert Review / model-based analyses for evaluation of a ui desing

Expert review

Expert reviews serve to evaluate your user interfaces against the background of scientifically well-founded heuristics and established best practices. Subsequently, we will record any identified usability issues, optimization potential and specific solution suggestions in a protocol.

Heuristic evaluation

This type of evaluation relies on basic principles (heuristics) in designing ergonomically high-class interfaces. Our usability experts will analyse your application with these principles in mind. In a second step, the analytical findings will be consolidated and assessed with respect to scope and severity level.

ISO compliance check

We actively support the validation of your application by comprehensive compliance checks according to ISO 9241 and DIN EN 60601. A usability assessment in accordance with ISO 9241 is not only of interest for public institutions that have to conform to the German VDU workplace ordinance (BildscharbV). We also recommend compliance checks for large-scale enterprises in order to initiate investing in usability improvements and to accelerate decision-finding processes. The medical industry is even legally required to validate the usability for new products, and is subjected to strict formal criteria.

Model-based analyses

When it comes to highly automated interaction, we use computer-assisted model-based analyses in order to be able to assess the efficiency of an individual UI design and to compare alternative user interface design options already at early stages of the project. The model we apply is based on the scientifically established GOMS approach and has proven itself successful in numerous projects by delivering valid efficiency forecasts.

Ergosign has achieved to reduce the complexity of the application and at the same time designed a modern, user-friendly and efficient UI. ”

Dirk Thorsten Vogel, CTO, Buhl Data Service


Based on a model of human cognition, perception and action processes, the chronological sequence of user-system-interactions is reliably simulated. Model-based analyses intend to forecast the time typically required to complete routine tasks with specific user interfaces. The findings gained by the analysis can serve to define the expected ROI even before implementing potential UI designs.