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In the development of high-quality user interfaces, prototypes are of high importance at various design stages, for example within user and task analysis, UI design, usability testing or for the supporting documentation related to specification. Since prototyping does not require accounting for restricting aspects such as data links or other technical constraint, it facilitates the budget-friendly and quick visualization, evaluation and gradual optimization of initial solution approaches.

User Experience Designer makes prototypen to validate a UI Design (Prototyping)

Visualization and evaluation

Prototypes are perfect for visualizing conceptual ideas and they constitute an optimal basis for communication between users, UX designers, UI developers and other interested parties.

Moreover, prototyping is an ideal tool to evaluate various proposed UI designs. It allows for reliably verifying the extent to which a solution already meets given requirements. Thanks to the early identification of optimization potential, required adaptations can be implemented particularly quickly and easily at this stage.

Static and interactive

Static, frequently very detailed screen designs are particularly suitable to compare various visual design alternatives with each other. This enables you to experience your user interface’s possible look & feel in operation at an early stage. 

In contrast, interactive prototypes are perfectly suited for being deployed in usability tests as they facilitate the authentic assessment of user interactions and operating procedures. New technologies allow for creating quite realistic prototypes with reasonable efforts.

Antetype – next generation prototyping

Antetype supports the development of responsive UI designs for software applications, mobile apps and websites. Its’ strengths becomes partucularly obvious when designing high-fidelity prototypes for complex user interfaces.

The focus of the developers of antetype, who used Antetype within many successful ergosign-projects, was set on increasing the productivity during design process. Antetype allows you to convert UI design adaptions quickly. At the same time high demands can be met regarding the visual design. The intelligent layout tools redundantize the time-intensive layouting of single elements per hand. Antetype allows you to update such adaptions for several elements on different pages with one click. Moreover Antetype supports the reusability of single UI elements comprehensively.

With antetype UI designers get a professional tool, which perfectly supports them at all stages of the UX design process – to create beautiful interfaces in less time.