Service Capabilities

Icon Design

High-quality icons are essential for favorable UX design and likewise support your application’s brand identity. Moreover, catchy and intuitive icons facilitate quick appreciation of functions, enhance visual user orientation, and thus increase software uptake. We are pleased to create individual custom icons for your product or help you with selecting appropriate stock icon sets from our icon shop.

Every pixel counts

No matter if it is pixel- or vector-based icons – we optimize each type to its specific size. We thus create perfectly comprehensible little artworks – especially with small sizes. In close cooperation with you, we will elaborate the ideal metaphors for your UI design project and define a consistent icon style that makes your application unique.

Functional icons

Icons used for toolbars, navigation elements, or buttons directly refer to specific functions your application provides. Since suchlike icons frequently appear in a defined context, our icon designers systematically optimize each single one of them to perfectly support the user with achieving their task.

Application icons

In contrast to common functional icons, application icons do not represent individual functions but your application in total. As in this context overall brand values are of significance, such icons play a special role in icon design. To develop excellent application icons, our icon specialists need a high abstraction ability in order to be able to define suitable and clearly recognizable symbols for your respective products. For optimal results, we put great emphasis on close cooperation between you and our Icon designers – both during idea generation as well as in the course of the iterative design process.

We will be pleased to assist you with all issues related to icon design or custom icons.