Siemens Healthcare Sector constantly drives innovation in healthcare and especially in the field of magnetic resonance imaging. By these means the two new systems MAGNETOM Aera and MAGNETOM Skyra set new standards in efficiency and productivity. One of the key components driving this is the Dot (Day optimizing throughput) engine. This new approach alleviates the daily routine in hospitals and practices significantly by focusing on personalization, guidance and automatization.

Ergosign was assigned to realize this philosophy in the user interface on both ends of the examination process. At first the setup of the examination on desktop computers was completely revised. Hereby new technologies (WPF) were gradually implemented to leverage a maximum of potential interactivity for the Dot Engines (Brain, Knee, Abdomen, Cardio, Angio). Furthermore the integrated display at the magnet (the so-called Dot Display)was supplied with a new modern and animated Look & Feel, which is consistent to the setup interface and on par with the high quality product design of the MR system.

Technical Environment

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • MFC
  • Desktop & Embedded Systems