Leica Geosystems

Leica Captivate is Leica Geosystems’ new software for land surveying. Ergosign has developed an ultra-modern, innovative UI for this software that integrates harmoniously into the recently rebuilt hardware. The optimisation of the operating procedures, the graphic design of the screens and the development of a new icon style were among our main tasks. The aim was to achieve a novel user experience for data collection in the field. In so doing, our UX designers paid particular attention to ensure that Leica Captivate can be easily operated not only by highly qualified engineers, but also by semi-skilled assistants.

The feedback on the software so far is incredible - very, very positive - all people love the UI [...] really great job! ”

Alastair Green (Leica Geosystems)

Technical Environment

  • Leica CS20 Controller
  • Leica CS35 Tablet
  • Leica Nova Total Station
  • Leica Viva Total Station