ONA Electroerosión, located in Spain, is a pioneer in the development of electro-erosion technologies.  ONA is the oldest manufacturer of electric discharge machining.  It is the foremost producer within the European Union and world leader in the production of large, customised die sinking and wire erosion machines.

ONA planned to present a new user interface for their in-house machines at the Spanish Biennial Machine Tool (BIEMH) 2014, the most important trade show for manufacturing industry in the southwest of Europe. For this occasion ONA wanted a modern look to replace the rather dated graphic appearance.

As the project was decided on at short notice, the goals were adjusted accordingly:  within a very short time the customers needed to be acquainted with Ergosign’s UCD lifecycle which was adapted to the circumstances.

First of all, a modern look was required for the new user interface with a preview of ONA’s projected future software.  The conceptual obstacles and showstoppers found in the analysis phase were, of course, documented, and possible solutions discussed and implemented to the best of our ability.

For the IMTS in June 2014, ONA decided on a reorganised main scenario in close collaboration with Ergosign.  On the basis of the resulting key screens, Ergosign developed a new visual design and a design manual.  This made it possible for ONA to subsequently produce further screens based on the new design.  The result was crowned with success at the IMTS 2014.  ONA won the Spanish Award for Design and Innovation in Machine Tools 2014.

Technical Environment

  • Touch Panel