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UX design & UI development of the highest quality – Ergosign has attained certification to DIN ISO 9001 standard

Efficient processes optimised for quality are the basis for the successful provision of any service.  UX design and UI development are no exceptions.  “Our well-defined processes and methods not only guarantee a consistently high quality product but also help us to develop continuously and improve systematically,” explains Katharina Roos (Ergosign quality manager).

The standard: DIN ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2008 is the most significant standard for quality management worldwide and as such requires firms to continuously review and optimise all processes and procedures. The quality management system focuses on customer orientation, system-oriented management and continuous improvement.

Customer orientation and constant further development are crucial
for Ergosign. ”

Dr Marcus Plach, managing director

We successfully passed the official certification process and in July 2014 we received the confirmation: all Ergosign’s processes including the branch offices are in accordance to the DIN ISO 9001 standard (certificate: KLN 4002153).  The result is that not only do our customers profit from the company-wide certified processes, but also our partners and our staff.

Contact person:

Katharina Roos
Senior UX Designer,
Quality Manager
T +49 681 988412-0