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UX Designer gets the "eCare-Prize"!

We are very proud to announce that our UX designer Annika Kaltenhauser has won the “eCare-Award for Human Use of Information Technology in Care” for her master thesis “Quiri Analyzer - Visualization of disease procedures of chronic pain patients”.

Regarding the application for the “eCare-Award for Human Use of Information Technologies in Care”, it was very important to Annika to draw attention to the issue of “pain” and to improve in this way the pain detection and therapy for patients and relatives as well as for the healthcare professionals.

In her work, she dealt with the diagnosis and treatment of pain medicine - an area of medicine that can benefit from the possibilities of digital and semi-automatic data collection in a special way. For the treatment of chronic pain, data on changes in the patient’s condition or the timing of therapeutic measures must be observed, analyzed, and patterns and relationships between the parameters have to be discovered.
However, physicians still depend on a mainly analog registration of the pain intensity, their quality, the side effects, the general situation of the patient, and on the patient’s memories. As a result, solutions are urgently needed which enable an effective and efficient analysis to handle both the scope and the complexity of the data: interactive visualizations of information offer promising possibilities for this!
In her master thesis, Annika worked intensively with the system „Quiri Analyzer“, which is to support the therapy and research in the field of pain medicine. „Quiri Analyzer“ was developed in the context of a people-centered design process with the support of the „Berlin pain center“. Through a detailed analysis of the users and the usage context, requirements were collected and transferred into a design concept. The developed concept provides visualization and interaction techniques to improve the therapy and research in the area of pain medicine. A first usability testing showed that the users particularly appreciate the clarity of the data visualizations and the extensive filter concept. A first qualitative feedback from pain physicians indicates that the design concept is appropriate for the use context and can positively support the therapy of chronic pain patients.

The eCare-Award for the Human Use of Information Technology in Care has been presented for the first time by the Integrata Foundation in cooperation with the Eastern Bavaria Technical University of Regensburg. As a non-profit foundation, the Integrata Foundation promotes in particular research projects, educational institutions, and realization projects, which contribute positively to the humane use of information technology. The self-set target is to extend increasingly the use of information technology to the well-being of people.
The competition of the “eCare Award” took place in the German-speaking region and was aimed at graduates who have handled in their bachelor’s and master’s degrees the human use of IT in the care sector.
The award ceremony took place on 17.03.2017 in Regensburg.

Congratulations, Annika! We are very happy for you and we are proud to have such a talented employee in our company!

From theory to practice - Lübeck students at Ergosign in Hamburg


What are the typical tasks of a UX designer? We would like to answer this question to interested students from the „Institut für Multimediale und Interaktive Systeme“ (Institute for Multimedia-based and Interactive Systems (IMIS)) at the University of Lübeck within an all-day excursion.

After having a short glance around the Hamburg office, we presented the diversity of our jobs at Ergosign: from context analysis to the fully developed design, we have illustrated our practical experience on the basis of many exciting project examples and anecdotes. Following, in a relaxed atmosphere with pizza and some kicker matches, quickly questions about possibilities of theses, internships and entry opportunities came up.

In the second part of the day the students themselves were asked: in a creative workshop, many ideas for a given design challenge were collected and refined in a team. In this way, we were able to present the students a typical approach from our project day in a practical way and to convey the fun of the creative work.

We also liked the day and we look forward to the next excursion!

Susann Maßlau & Phillip Pfingstl

Young work colleague gets recognition!


We are very pleased to announce that our UX designer Alexandra Dercho, together with her bachelor group at the ”The Bavarian State Prize for young designers ,“ have received a recognition in the category of ”Digital Design“ for their Bachelor thesis on the subject of ”Diseases on hiking“.

The work deals with the spreading of infectious diseases by mosquitoes and a possibility to act against them.
Alexandra and her bachelor group have worked out an installation for this, which is also part of the exhibition “Dangerous Souvenirs”. The purpose of the installation is to present the mosquitoes as transmitters of diseases in detail. The user can learn more about the different mosquitoes and gets more information on their spreading. The goal is also to increase awareness on one’s own protection during the next trip.

The developed concept of the installation is based on the real examination procedures of mosquitoes in the laboratory and on the interaction between human and machine. The intuitive operation is achieved by a combination of touch and counter measure as well as “tangible interactions”.
Due to the strong analogies to reality, which are reflected as well in the interaction concept as in the formal design, a positive user experience is generated, increasing the learning effect.
The highlight of the media installation is created by the users placing their hands on the touch screen. By the projections on the hand, the exhibitors can feel the bite and observe the effects of a bite by an infected mosquito on themselves.

The ”Bavarian State Prize for young designers“ was awarded this year for the 17th time by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. 57 junior designers presented their varied and creative work in a total of 8 categories. After a preselection, the jury awarded a total of six prizes and gave further recognitions to eleven works. The award ceremony took place on March 6th, 2017 in the BMW World in Munich. Selected projects will still be exhibited in the foyer until March26th.

Congratulations Alexandra —We are very pleased with your success and that we have such a talented employee in our company!

Ergosign donates to the Kinder-Hospizdienst Saar

Kinderhospiz Spende

Unfortunately, there are many children and adolescents in Saarland who are incurably diseased or severly disabled and only have a few years left to live. The children are often looked after at home and the families are on their own. The everyday life of the concerned persons must be changed completely after such a stroke of fate. Often the parents and family members invest their entire strength in the children’s care and go to their limits, often to complete exhaustion.

Regrettably, there is just little help and support for these families. The hospice services of St. Michael in Völklingen, St. Josef in Neunkirchen and St. Jakobus Hospiz GmbH in Saarbrücken recognized the urgent need for outpatient and specialized child-care hospice assistance and founded together with the support of Herzenssache, the children’s assistance of SR and SWR, the Kinder-Hospizdienst Saar. The Kinder-Hospizdienst Saar supports the children and families on their way. Together with trained volunteers, the hospice staff accompany the children, young people and their families through the everyday life and facilitate this considerably. Counseling, nursing care, organization and mediation of further assistance as well as grief counseling are among the varied offer of the children’s hospice service. Furthermore many common activities and excursions with other affected people contribute to the joy of life of children and adolescents.

In this year, Ergosign decided to double the amount of proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets and donate them to a charitable organization. For this reason, we are pleased to be able to support the valuable work of the Kinder-Hospizdienste Saar with a donation of 1,500 euros.

Review of the SPS IPC Drives 2016


After three exciting days on Europe’s leading trade fair for electrical automation, the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, our team came back with a lot of new impressions and ideas.

For the fifth time running Ergosign presented itself on the trade fair with his cooperation partner Inosoft. More than 63,200 visitors drew inspiration on subjects like “Industry 4.0”.

Thanks to all our partners, customers and visitors for their interest.
We are already looking forward to next year!

Save the Date: 28. – 30.11.2017

You’ll find impressions and highlights from the SPS IPC Drives 2016 in our video.

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